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ok here goes i really really hate to tuck in my jersey i think the rule is silly.no disrespect to any one in all seriosnes i think its safer untucked.if my jersey is tucked and somenes grip gets caught in it dont think i can just pull away scott free . i think it would easier to aviod a reckwithout it tucked in
ok 1 more thing why arnt pads elbow knees and even gloves mandatory.all they say is pants and long sleeves thats retarted,are these longsleves some special material that i dont know about please fill me in.i would feel much safer with some burly elboy forearm combo. agian this is not abash on any one just my little peace of feelings.
ps how the heck do you young kids ride with no gloves i dont care how cool you look your out of your minds meatypaws hurt to damn much.