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we should def have this in nj. dan went up there the week after so park for one of these races and belive me what a race. semis in open and they go for the win like it was the grands!! everyone stays to watch the main like it was a national… they even do a pro roll out at some of the tracks( trumbul does it weekly so i am told) for anyone who does this race. all the older riders do it and it attracts quite a following from what i hear.

i took dan up there today as i found out last min that howell was cancelled and even with all the riders up at the regional they still had close to 50 motos at torrington and 3 groups of riders in for the 16 over money open….. some awesome comp and great riders.

here are the rules of the warrior series up in ct: see what you think…



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For additional info or questions call Pat at (860) 489-4691

The Series will consist of 8 races (4) at Meriden and (4) at Torrington plus the Championship Race at Meriden during the State Championship Race.
All riders must be at least 16 years old and have an active NBL license and be prepared to show it at time of registration.
The entry fees are $10.00 per race and $20.00 for the Championship race.
Per the NBL rule book page 13, All riders except Elite and Single A (Superclass) must be registered and participate in a points class before being eligible to compete in an Open Class.
Full NBL gear and tech inspection is mandatory.
All decisions by the day’s scorers are final and official.
Any abuse to volunteers will be subject to a zero-tolerance approach.
Any altercations on the track will be subject to a zero-tolerance approach.
Regardless of the rider count there will always be a minimum of 1 rider dropped from the 3 rounds of motos.
Regardless of the rider count, there will always be a Main event but a minimum of six riders must be registered to make a race.
20″ bicycles and cruisers / mountain bikes welcome
Protesting under the rules of the NBL are allowed but highly discouraged.
Points are awarded in Main Events only as identified as follows:
First = 20 points
Second = 18 points
Third = 16 points
Forth = 14 points
Fifth = 13 points
Sixth = 12 points
Seventh = 11 points
Eigth = 10 points
The top 3 placing riders in each race will receive a percentage of the pot. Each pot is determined by 50% of riders entry fees plus $250.

1st place = 50%, 2nd place = 30% and 3rd place = 20%


Top 2 Meriden races and top 2 Torrington races are counted and are single point races.
A rider must have raced a minimum of 4races (2) at each track to qualify for championship race which is double points.
Series Championship Payout is as follows
1st = $500
2nd = $300
3rd = $200

June 10th – Meriden
June 11th – Torrington

June 24th – Meriden Rescheduled for July 29th
June 25th – Torrington Rescheduled for July 9th

July 15th – Meriden
July 16th – Torrington

August 26th – Meriden
August 27th – Torrington

September 10th – Meriden Championship Race