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He is the team manager of the US Challenge team. He is also the owner of Clayborn BMX.

I do stand by my statement as him being our best choice at this point. He has been there so many times at the UCIs he knows what you can and can not do. He knows how things are run and has some “influence”.

As for Jud and Rich’s problems I really wish he would have pressured Bob or USAC to get involved. I don’t think he wanted to jeapordize his position as the team manager and backed off. Jeff Upshaw Sr. said something about that in the other post with “You can’t ride the fence on this one”. I think it is utter BS that Bob did not even put an inquiry in to Adventure Travel. The sanction recommended them which means BOB should be involved.

Hopefully things end up better in the future. I have been checking out the other nations cycling sites and their riders got money and full uniforms to go to Brazil. Even the Brazil riders got full uniforms and $400 to race in their home country.

We got nothing other than a $60 jersey we paid $150 for (USAC license fee for the race).

Rich, I am going to pick up yours and Juds jerseys for you from over there.

Next year I think ABA will be a bigger contender for my money than NBL. I would rather travel more for their races than give money to someone who does not seem to care about HIS riders.

Next year the ABA will have qualifiers for the Worlds. Things are going to change.