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I didn’t just shut it, I slammed it on Sunday. BMXTV direct did some video so I might be able to post it up. Had the outside pedal low and as soon as I took the line I squared the corner and checked out.

I changed up the routine a little. I am now getting up at 4:30 and sprinting for an hour in the morning. I started this morning and stopped counting at 50, just to make sure I can get at least that amount in. I did it with plenty of time left over to continue.

Although we all have large land lots here the one far off neighbors dogs did not like me zooming up and down the driveway. I hope the stop barking at 4:30am, I can’t hear it with the helmet on but I don’t want to get shot with rocksalt either.

I have not been stretching at all (bad on me) so this will leave me time to do this after work each day and still spend time with the family as I can stretch in the livingroom. Plus I can do a recovery ride in the afternoon now too.