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just giving my 2 cents again.

Man you have given atleast 10 cents today.

@CrazyCraig wrote:

Camping out and playing foot-down (at midnight in the dark with glow sticks in our spokes) at South Park with the Tidey crew, that was big fun!.

You know now I have to put those in his spokes every night now!!! We have been on 10 o’clock rides every night since we got home. He is still talking about my crash into Gulich!! That was what BMX is all about FUN I know of no other Dad that would have thier kids out at midnight at a NATIONAL riding his bike in darkness with just Glow Sticks tolight his path besides me. For the first time he wasn’t complaining about doing sprints up hills. He did it over 10 times and that hill was enormous!! You know what, he had fun… It was one of the funnest times I have had on a Bike since I was a kid!! I am just glad that he got to share it with a great bunch of MEN who ride Kids Bikes!!![/i]