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@1adam12 wrote:

Also….why does growing the “sport ” as you guys call it the main objective? What about personal satisfaction? Fun,creativity?????????

If you ask me there is too many Capitilist agendas on this site……oh but I guess you never asked me did ya?????????

Alot of us, I hope, do get a certain amount of personal satisfaction out of helping grow the sport. I know Brett sure does, or this sight wouldn’t be here.

But, yes, I am getting personal satisfaction out of it too. I lost almost 25 pounds, lowered my blood pressure and other stats, and finally fit back into size 38 pants (heading for 36) after hitting a high of size 42. I’m in my best shape in 10 years and I have the very personal satisfaction of winning my class at the CJ Regional while my 5 year old son cheered me on. There was no better satisfaction than that!!!

Fun? Hellya I’m having fun! I’m doing things on a bike (again) that 6 months ago I did not believe I could do again. Camping out and playing foot-down (at midnight in the dark with glow sticks in our spokes) at South Park with the Tidey crew, that was big fun!

Creativity? Well, not sure how I measure up there, don’t think I am doing anything particularly creative on a bike, except inspiring some little dudes to try harder.

Capitalistic interests? Hey, my business (mortgages) depends on networking. I’m hanging out on a site with people I like, I’m gonna tell them what I do. People usually refer people to people they like and know. My other site: Kick-ass stuff for active folks like us. Why should I keep that a secret? But, until this post, I have never promoted either in a post other than my signatures.

But, I’m not arguing with ya or trying to debate anything, just giving my 2 cents again.