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I guess I can get serious here for a moment and say something…maybe it will be enlightening…
I’ve spent the last year and a half b.s.ing with almost everyone on this site and at the track’s about racing, it’s current state…yadda yadda…
Basically it boils down to 2 things.
People like myself, Ant, Craig, Rich, Rich, Chris…all of them, lol, Pete, Bill…etc. who are either relatively new to the BMX “game” or have been around awhile and are just now finding their voice and are ready and willing to say WTF let’s give things a shot and try and change stuff.

Then you have the “old guard”…in a relative term because though they have been around for awhile they weren’t all there at “the beginning” lol. People like the Vanderhoff’s, Janeen, Debbie, Jeff, etc. People who basically have been trying to change things and been told no, or that can’t be done by “those in charge”. So overtime it’s become, well I love this sport and I’m not gonna let it go so I’ll play within these certain guidelines even though I don’t believe in them.

So you have this fired up group of, “Let’s kick a** and take names” and the other group who is all “Been there, tried that, got listened to and dismissed”.
Our common ground is BMX. With the knowledge and experience we have right here in this forum that basically ranges from day one in BMX to 15 seconds ago, we should be able, collectively, to change BMX to the way we want it.
Racing right now, is the way freestyle was in the late 80’s and mid 90’s, only the people who truly love it are gonna stick around. Maybe if the people who have been there and done that, talked to the fired up maniacs, and helped us figure out where the chinks in the armor are of those in charge we could get what we both want.