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Bill the new NAVY lets me be on the Computer 8 hours a day.

Anyways back to the Thread subject.

I have allways had a deep down love for the sport, I only wish that when I turned the magic age of 17 I would have stayed with it instead of choosing cars and other no mentionable’s.

This all came to a head when last October my Grandfather passed away. He raced with me and my cousins until we left the sport. When I went home and went out to the shed to get something for my Grandmother, there sat his Ti Lite Cruiser just like it had been taken off the track the night befor. I took it out rode it around the block a few times and thought to myself why in the hell did I ever leave the sport that I loved so much. So when I came back to Jersey the following week I searched for tracks around me. CJ had just had thier final race and wouldn’t be starting until march. So we waited till opening day and my and my son headed out down to see if he would like to get into it. I have never seen my son be so interested in ANYTHING!! He honestly loves racing and has fun even thought he allways gets last. I have explained to him that it takes time and he will one day be winning races just like the rest of the 3 year ROOKIES he is racing. 👿 Thanks for the rant, I needed that this mornning.