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You can build a track that flows well has big jumps and isn’t dangerous for the local level. Build a triple that is 35′ long…You jump 1…you jump 2… you jump all 3…you got the skills time to step up.
bobo is getting off cheapo because if he built these tracks where people are getting medivaced out on, on private property like CJ, they would get shut down.
Build a track on public property, in a park and it’s harder to sue the township than an individual. There’s laws governing “obviously dangerous” activities for towns.
Which is why the aba doesn’t build the craziest tracks at indoor events.
The sanctions need to evolve.
The news coverage at SP should have been…
Future Olympic hopefuls converge on world famous track.
BMX riders medivaced from race earlier today.
…Oh and I wouldn’t race SP or Louisville…’cause I know my skills aren’t there anymore BUT the parents that are sold that “get your novice or rookie plate stuff” will go out there, not realizing things have changed.