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ok, I gotta bottom line this….
The free race flyer is gonna be done as soon as Lisa gets it to the print shop. We got a free race bike hanger that just got done as well, though that was done speicifically for CJBMX, ’cause Vinnie asked me.
oh, yea….bottom line.
njbmx.org needs to be fixed it lags significantly behind what we are doing here. I am volunteering to fix the site so it can be updated easily by anyone. What does this mean?
If Janeen has the points done…poof they are on the front page, easy as ..dung… and she doesn’t have to email them to someone or wait for someone, she can do it.
We can appoint admins to get stuff up there easy on the front page.
Rain out?
BOOM, check NJBMX…cause Les, Vin or Matt can put a one day update right there.
PLUS, with 10,000 flyers about to be printed with njbmx.org on them, we need something out there that makes us look professional.