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Next Sunday 6/25 will be a workday. If you can come out and help that would be great. Thanks to Rich Carolan (sp?) we are renting a 4yard bucket to move all that dirt. The goal is to fill in the last straight to grade level, build a step-up to it out of the 4th turn and a series of rollers/table top on the last straight. Also, the 4th straight giant double will be made a bit smaller, along with similiar doubles, one before it and one after it. With a scoop that large, the only problem may be running out of dirt, but don’t worry…theres about twice that much more to come.

So…the big machine will be there, theres always a need for people to rake and shovel if you can make it (sorry, I can’t). I may come out Monday to finalize it depending on what they get done. I’ll let you all know.