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I have to agree with alot that is being said in this forum. Bottom line is we ALL need to listen to one another for this to work. If not then getting new riders and promoting wont work. This is going to be an uphill process in this sport and I think we all know it. BMX missed the first shot at becoming a globally recognized sport let us learn from the first two go arounds (the Road to Glory and the X GAmes) to not make the same mistakes. The sport needs to evolve and be allowed to grow. Accept new ideas from anyone and talk about it and take the good ideas and run with it. Bottom line BMX is cool…. People accept that and understand that but at this point we need to make this sport EVEN COOLER. Come on how psyched do you think a 13 year old or 25 year old or a 10 year old girl or whatever would be if we had a podium for the top three to stand on at the major races. Come on you don’t think word would travel to one anothers friends. I was one of the first people in the NBL to suggest the Holeshot award to Bob and the regional directors and look how that took off. I got the idea from supercross… It all starts with an idea and with this new group forming to work together hopefully we can get BMX back on track to be where it needs to be…..