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I have been doing more and more of this Brett.

There are two bike shops I frequent. One is more hard-core in attitude and the other is more “retail”, and I have been to both on my cruiser and I get alot of questions. “What is that?” is the usual response because there is nothing else like it in the store.

The cool thing about the more “retail” shop is I have had the opportunity to talk to some kids when I’ve been there. The easy access highway location attracts families pretty well. I write the website on the back of my biz card and tell them what to look for if they visit the site. I even promoted the site to some street/dirt jump types who had not heard about it yet. Those guys really did not know what to make of a 38yr old on a BMX bike.

For some reason I do not run into as many kids at the more “core” shop, but the staff seems to appreciate what I am doing more. They say they will help out by posting my results on their website. I will let you know how that goes.

I haven’t gotten down to my main street on my 20 yet, but I expect to see alot of kids there when I do, and there is a BMX Jam sponsored by Animal at Cycle Craft, Parsippany June 24th & 25th. Depending on the race schedule, I might go there and do some promoting one of the two days. You can call Jim at 973-227-4462 for more info or visit their website.

Let’s keep it going! We are all ambassadors of the sport!