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I’ll give ya that Pete – you were jumping better than I was that day – although I felt I had the triple/double-step (whatever you want to call it) dialed in pretty good except for the second moto.

The first straight step-up is where I had my bad fall and cracked a rib so I guess I’m still a little gun-shy over that one, although I shouldn’t be – I just need to go down there on a Friday and practice. Same goes for the monster double into the first turn. I was definitely hitting it with enough speed on Saturday. I was popping off the lip, trying to hold the bike down and landing right in front of the next lip which popped the bike up again and I was actually jumping down the back side. If I was going any faster, I would have been running into the second bump and flipping. I’ll be jumping it soon.

No joke – Pete’s back – and he’s for real. I think I’ll be switching to Mountain Bike racing soon. 😀

Pete – you did more than OK. Just stay on those pedals. 😀