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The UBMXRC will be an attempt to bridge the gap between those in charge of racing and those who race.
There were several situations that arose this spring in NJ that could have been better handled if the riders had put forth a unified voice instead of just going “lone gun” on things.
Cooperation is the only way to ever get things done.
Our mission statement is below. Over time it will grow and change as BMX changes. In no way should what we are about to attempt to do be misconstrued as anything other than fostering ideas about how to make BMX racing as big if not bigger than BMX freestyle.
There are many creative, intelligent minds in the sport in NJ and they will be tapped to do as much as possible to make things better. Our eventual goal is to effect major change to the sport on a national level but that is in the future and will require us to grow way beyond a group of people from NJ. Feel free to respond to the mission statement below, we are looking at 2006 as the year we get together and 2007 as when we move more fully along the path of getting things done.

As a final note, I would like to say thank you to Janeen.
She has come on the site, right from the beginning and always answered racers questions and problems. I’m hoping by what we are about to attempt to do, that it impresses upon people like Janeen that there are riders and racers out there who will stick with the sport and help as much as possible to do what has to be done for BMX.

Now let’s all get to work, the Olympics are in 2008 and we have to open BMX racing to as many eyes as we possibly can. Then it will be up to NBC, the NBL and UCI and their coverage of BMX in the Olympics to do what they can to promote the sport….and if they don’t….well then I guess we’ll just have to take over.