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@LeadSled1 wrote:

What did you do, sell him some training wheels? 😉 The 20 was very odd the first time I raced it. It takes a while to get the feel back, but when you do it makes the cruiser feel like a luxury yacht.

My 5yr old son offered his old training wheels to me. Sweet kid. I could have used them.

Yer right Jess. Everytime I got on the gate with the 20 it felt like there was no bike under me until I got on the pedals. But – I had my best day on cruiser so far. What’s funny is I live in North Jersey and have ridden EHT 4 times already compared to 1 time each on HC & CJ. But – I’ll make up for that this weekend – gonna try and race all three days at the CJ Regional.

See ya there!