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Update on this old thread:

I made the return on 20 inch. ANYONE who saw me race Saturday May 13th at EHT will testify that I am not ready for expert yet. Me and Frank Klimecki were bouncing off each other a little too much. 😀

The original bike plan did not work out – the Redline Comp got returned to the seller – it was a piece of junk.

I have to thank Rich Farside for his help with the f&f. (no, it’s not the Hyper). I was able to compile all my parts and build on it Wednesday May 10th and rode it the very first time Saturday at the race. This would probably explain why we only had 7 riders in 35 Novice – I don’t think anyone wanted to be next to me once they heard it was my FIRST RACE on a 20 since the Wright Bros. took flight. 😆 Just ask Jim Rempkowski who had the privilege of being next to me in lane 7 for the main. He saw my “stupid” first turn that inevitably became a wipe out. (thank God for body armor on a paved turn).

So… Be afraid… Very Afraid. I am back on a 20 inch bike. 😯