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shhhhhhhhhhhh pullleeze! i am hiding the bike as we speak. just cause you toss the crutches dosnt mean you can ride no less race. he’s hoping to be back for the end of may….i say thats being a little optomistic at best. he has already tried to pedal on the mtb( higher seat= less knee bend)without much success. he is a psycho.. lets see how he feels a few days off the pain meds… the pt had him on a bike today but thats a bit different than jumping for sure!

hey bill…. i havent camped on the ground since i was 20 something… no offense but the aero bed gets my vote…30/40 or 50 something dosnt matter your back will thank you… best investment i ever made was to get a twin and a queen size blow up mattress… alot warmer too!