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forcast for sat is sunny/ 63-64 in eht.. wow what a beautiful day for racing! maybe see you all down there if dan is up for the drive down. he gets his stitches out on fri so we will see how he feels end of the week. he is dying to get on the bike but i dont think its possible to pedal w/crutches..haha

tidey- hope your pooch is ok they are def part of the family!

camping at eht track is the best! plus if the ice cream place is open you can just walk down the road and get some 😆 i am a camper fan but the cot/ blow up mattress is def the way to go for us over 40 crowd folks if you are in a tent!! if you have the early practice its great…just not having to get up an extra hr and drive to the track/ park /unload is worth it!! now if i can just learn how to drive the truck w/the camper on it!!! haha