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I in now way was bashing your son!! To me 2 or 3 years in a Rookie class is crazy. I think the NBL has to totally change thier whole thinkin about this. I now am looking forward to going back to ABA. If you weren’t expert you didn’t get sh*t. I think any kid who has clip peddles shoudn’t be in ROOKIE.. ABA you get these kids who have their Walmart bike and rock the Novice class, move up to Intermediate, then when they have thier confidence build up thier parents spring for maybe a race bike.

New NBL Rookie’s never even have a chance to build up that confidence.
My son got 2 first place trophy’s last week since he was the only 8 year old, I didn’t have the heart to tell him why he got first.

It’s all good Tidey I know exactly how you feel I was once there
I regret not finding you to introduce myself I have been hanging around this site alot and you seem to be just the kind of person bmx needs
The more we get involved the better we can make it !!!

And correct me if I am wrong your son got 2 first and NO move up points (because he didn’t beat anyone his age) That system stinks!!!