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I gotta get some sleep. I drove up to flemington today to meet Bill and Matt and take pictures of the track and get everyone’s names who were helping out. I then drove across NJ to get a cruiser, just so I could personally say “I got my a** stomped by Rich Farside”. I then had a 1 hour converstion with George Hoernig about getting a few other guys together to get a positive BMX demo team together, where I was hoping to get a chance to give out all kinds of info on BMX racing to kids. I then had an hour conversation with Karen Gillis, about, well just about everything.
I don’t know what to say to everyone. Dale, if you took personal offense at what I said, it was never meant that way. Board, Track Directors, I just want to give riders a voice…sometimes people are scared to voice their opinion to those in charge and they need a place to do it.
I really do love BMX and I started to consider you guys friends, but if I’ve failed there, then well….I just don’t know.