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@bmiddaugh wrote:

If everyone looking at this could sneak a peek at my post at the bottom of this page.
It references what a returning racer and his young son have to say.
Look beyond the eyes of jaded old racer goggles and through the eyes of the little beginner kid.

I re-read my post and I may have come off a little strong but I still stand behind my words. Listen, I’m a BMX Mom. I care about eveyone of the kids on the track and I would never want one of them to get hurt. I’m personally against anything bigger then a roller and I now have my son out for a couple of weeks because he has a severe contusion on his left hipbone (had him to the emergency room Thurs) and hymo-whatever (bruise) in his kidney area due to the handle bar he planted in his gut at Sunday’s race. And no it was not over the monster jump but a wash out in soft (crappy) sand. I still have to continue with testing because his kidney got a nice shot and there may be a problem. But you know what…..I don’t blame the track because that’s the down side of racing. I would never in a million years want one of my kids hurt but then it would come to the point of not letting them out of there room or experience life itself.

If the jumps are so intimidating to the newbies, and I know they are because I was completely against the new doubles when they were first introduced a while back, then do something about it. Take the time on a Friday night and hold a free clinic on the side to help the rookies learn the skills. Adopt a new family and help them learn proper technique and bike maintenance. The most confusing thing I find in BMX is gear ratio. Help the newbie parents learn the skills to make them more comfortable.

You take a look at the national plate numbers our homegrown kids are flashing and you old schoolers should be proud. Our kids are the benchmark of the Northeast division and give Conn a run for their money. Help others experience this, even if it’s on a state level, instead of planting fear in their heads. We can accomplish so much more with positives then negatives