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Wow this site is getting out of control.. No doubt things need to be changed with NJ BMX… I think that it should be voted on and if the vote comes out the way it should then so be the decesion. Some of the old school riders coming back…. Farside who is going faster now then before evolved Look he clipped in after I heard him say one day he wouldn’t…. Crazy Craig coming back.. B Romer…. Ect. Then the riders that never left. Carolan, Hayden and myself to name a few need to come to some kind of agreement. Look who in they’re right mind thinks to QUALIFY for a NJ NUMBER you have to race 10 locals, 4 State qualifiers 1 Warnike race and Whatever. THAT IN ITSELF Says it all…. IT wasn’t that way back in the day and shouldn’t now. Thats just an example. See what I am saying….

Things need to change man no doubt.