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Man Hayden you have some set of NUTS. He wasn’t critisizing you at all or the Volunteers. Are you reading the same posting.. Yeah its really easy to critisize the track but for you who raced ABA for hmm until a few years back then decide to come join back to the NJ side of things should really re-consider throwing daggers.. You raced all PA tracks until up to a few years ago. I don’t think he said the tracks are so miserable… What he is saying is that he wants to make them better and if you who was a ABA track builder don’t think Flemington needs to change then I don’t know what. Maybe you would have 40 moto’s if you made the track better. You know it. Again . NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THE VOLUNTEERS. IS that all you guys know how to do is say we are putting down the Volunteers. AGAIN WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS THE SPORT WOULD DIE.. PERIOD.. All he was saying is that he offerd and it was declined and now after reading your posting maybe you are one of the people that didn’t want the help. Again all the people in NJ need to work together or this just won’t work at all.