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Oh and I forgot to add one other thing to the gentleman who also commented. Lets get one thing straight because I think you didn’t understand what i was saying.. VOLUNTEERS MAKE THIS SPORT. the mothers and Fathers dedicate the time for the kids and that is so important. Bagging on the tracks has nothing to do with the volunteers.. None at all. So please undertsnad where i am coming from. we have three tracks left and I think NJ and the state organization needs to listen to the riders. BMx legend I want to see you and 8 fast guys all at once hit some of the jumps at Howell and live thru it. If you do which you might be able to do… i have no clue who you are. I will gladly shake your hand in respect. All I am saying is that I know many of the older riders would volunteer but bottm line the politics in this state and the state orgaization is quirky. To many politics. Hey man I am happy the state has three tracks to race. I appreciate the Volunteers. I appreciate the Board members that make it work. All i am saying as that some things need to be changed to move forward with this sport and make it all around better and if you honestly say you don’t agree I will respect your opinion but please respect mine..

We all have a common goal love for the sport of BMX