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Jeff’s first post and he rocks the house..
I’d just like to reply to the quarry dust thing since that really is something I hear people complaining about.
With enough people to use it properly it can be an effective tool to get the track up and running quickly, but in todays low rider count world, that of course doesn’t happen. So the dust gets thrown down and sorta piles up. From a racers point of view it makes the track slippery and a wee bit dangerous, now, no, I haven’t raced on it, but I have been riding long enough to know that putting small rocks on a hard surface lead to bad things. I’m hoping we can get ridership back up to where we don’t have to use quarry dust.
Most riders do not like it, therefore maybe a thought about going with the majority and changing it might be an approachable idea. Flemington was one of the biggest tracks 23 years ago, we can get it there again.

The NBL and ABA is not being responsive to many of the riders ideas. Especially us older guys who have been there and done it for no reward whatsoever. I will not be surprised if in 5-10 years we actually do see a new sanctioning organization as Jeff suggested.

It is always easy to “throw stones” and talk “sh*t”, but I have to believe that getting new ideas out there and having an open mind will always work and the quote that Jeff pulled well, he’s right that’s just not a positive idea…