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@matchsprint wrote:

If you are only going to fix one or two straight aways why bother? The track is in such bad shape nothing but a complete rebuild will do. Dont waste your time .If anything fix the turns first.

Dude Grow UP! Oops, Sorry I forgot “ITS YOUR WORLD” we live in.

Since it is in such bad shape I must also assume we will NEVER see you there trying to help fix anything.

I also do not expect you to ever be there during off hours practicing either.

My car has a flat tire and needs a paint job because someone scratched the door.
Would you buy me a new one please!

A Maybach in blue would be nice! http://www.maybachusa.com/

Less Negitive more positive!
Put UP or Shut Up!
Actions Speak Louder then words!
Talk is cheap!

As far as Quarry Dust goes unless YOU are willing to be at the track every Saturday Morning before sunrise to groom (so NO one can thank you for your efforts), Stop complaining!

And finally since so many think it is easy why aren’t there more tracks?

Build it and they will come!

You want your name up in lights! Build an indoor facility with air conditioning and track maintance will be cut to a minimum!

2.5 million and I will quit my job and have construction started asap.
3.5 million and we will have HD video displays of all races as well as our own cable channel and interactive website.
5.5 million and we will have a gym, pool and resturant.
22.5 million and we will have 4 nationals a year as well as the Worlds, The Grand Nationals and a training camp with hotel.
40.8 million for a nice hotel with valet parking.

The .5 / .8 is my salery.

If you want an airport let me know I will look into a good location but that will cost a little more. 1 billion sould get us started.


Let me know when to get started with this project!