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Thruster 20″ Frame and Fork for $738. He was here in NJ


Crazy stuff.

I have my old Titan Cruiser back at my grandparents. Thinkin about dusting that sucker off and putting it on there. I guess the Chrome ones were rare and thats what I got. Just the frame alone on evil bay sold for 200. I got the complete bike. Forks, Neck and all.

My Cycle Craft cruiser and 20″ are golden also. I just saw a complete sticker set go for 150 on there. Man back at the first ever ABA worlds in Toledo, OH the bike shop at the race was selling them for 5 bucks a set. I bought 10 of them and used all of them. Damn dumbass kid. I just had to re-paint my bike every month. DOOOOH