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First post here so be gentle. My son( 8 ) and myself went to CJBMX yesterday to see what the track looked like and to see if he would be interetsed in racing. I personally raced for over 10 years but that was 10 years ago. We watched 3 kids go down on the doubles yesterday. From the front it honestly looks like a 6 foot quarter pipe. My son and I are going to begin racing but I am almost inclined to travel to EH to see about thier track. I live only 15 minutes away from CJ and it would be a shame to have to travel over an hour to race. I would love to volunteer and help out whenever a working party arises. I’m not one of those parents who bitches and doesn’t do anything about it. I agree with an earlier post shave down the lip and fill in the center section some and it would make a world of difference on how people race that first straight.