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South Park was fricken nutz last year. I rode it during the Hyper clinic but didn’t race because the shoulder was still busted. I jumped everything but the pro jump and I was really not interested in racing that track with 7 other meatheads going ballz out, especially with the shoulder the way it was.

If my 6 year old (5 at the time) can get air on that track you know the lips were big.

One thing I noticed at EHT was the lips they added in the second straight. While not over the top there is too much on the first double. You land in the flat everytime due to the speed out of the corner and the size of the lip on it. My son almost cleared it in his 3rd moto. He put his front tire into the second peak and almost went over the bars.

We had some new people show up at Blue Diamond yesterday when we were rebuilding the track. They were real hesitant (especially the parents) about the jumps on the track. We had to explain to them that you do not jump everything. They are obsticals, and only jumps if you jump them.

I’m sure the size of the jumps spooked them also as we had not rolled them yet 😆 .

Rich, my wife sent Jud a case of those things and from what I hear he has used them all. 😉