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@CrazyCraig wrote:

no, Mental did not ride for Thruster. I was referring to the fact that on any given day, especially the big races at Braddock, several Factory Thruster guys would show up: Chris _____, Franco Perrino, etc.

Mental should have been sponsored, but back then “jumpers” didn’t really garner factory support. I gotta believe he’s digging the stuff they do on the X-Games and wishin he was younger!

Team Thruster from BITD (who’s names I can recall) were Chriss Williams, Frankie Chirlo, Marc Arles, John Penna, Franco Perrino, me, Scott Stewart, Brad Dalbec, Adam Vanna, Scottie Penna. John Penna’s sister, Adam Vanna’s Sister and two other gals. There were also three to four other guys whom I can’t recall.