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I dunno dude, most of them just have the street and dirt stuff. I have been doing mail order with Dan’s Comp (look online) and also buying on Ebay. So far so good. I also get some parts from Mark Zalewski, his family owned TNT and he was a fast 17x-er in 1989 that I chased in the NBL.

Also, according to Rich Farside, with the new paved turns, he recommended Maxxis Holy Roller tires, at least at Egg Harbor. I ordered mine direct from Maxxis. I also have Maxxis Max Daddy’s to practice on the trails with (kind of like an IRC tread)

FYI: I have a blue Haro aluminum SX24 Frame w/ GT fork, with headset, seat, seat post, seat clamp, stem & brakes, pedals, I might even be willing to part with some new rims I got too. The HARO has an euro bottom bracket, so just need to pick up some Flights, etc. with a Euro BB, not the american.

What I don’t have: bars (at least not the right size, unless you like 4.5″ rise on a 4″ headtube), a brake cable, and maybe a brake lever, but I’ll look, I might have one laying around. I might have a chain, but I recommend getting new. You’ll also need a rear freewheel. You can get the chain & bars from Mark Zalewski (the TNT bars are solid – he has 5″ and 7″ rise)

So yeah, I have almost a whole other bike, and I am working on two other prjects as well, so my basement has exploded with parts.