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The funny thing is there are 7 figure people out there who do care. I am not trying to grandstand here, but can truly say I can count amongst my friends a couple of 7 figure folks and several high 6 fig folks too, and all of them, HONESTLY, are caring folks that started with ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING, have given freely of themselves and gave back before they made the cash, and continue to do so, and they all have tremendous family lives, they did not sell out. Unfortunately this is the exception and not the norm. So here’s my vote for true compassionate capitalism. There is nothing wrong with making the money if its moral, ethical and legal. Money will always flow to a good ideas properly executed. A main problem in this country is the lack of BASIC financial literacy. You’re right, $85,000 is more than enough if you got your financial house in order and are not leveraged to the hilt. Its like when people are “shocked” that you can lose weight by eating less and excercising more. Fix your finances by spending less and saving & investing more. Shocker!