#RememberThis- Decaprio brings The Rapture to Brielle Cyclery in Asbury Park

BMXNJ got word through the grapevine (George Hoernig) that TR and Area 51 local John Decaprio was having an art show and BMX demo at Brielle Cyclery’s new Asbury Park location Saturday night March 14th. John has just started up a new clothing company called The Rapture and is running his own website named therapturetherapture.com […]

#RememberThis- “Jonesing For A Good Time” The Jones Family and BMX

The scene in the Somerset County area has really taken off over these last few  years with a huge group of locals who are tearing it up out there and are “making it happen”, in an area that I once called home. With Ken Cornell’s Wheelpark in Somerville at the center of the mayhem one family of […]