Guess you have all seen the pictures of Pete’s Bike Shop version of BMX in Flemington from the 70’s that I put up. Here’s the Total BMX magazine (an east coast BMX magazine from the 70’s and 80’s) write up of the opening and reincarnation of Flemington BMX as Hunterdon County BMX in 1981. I found this little article as I was going through my old magazines looking for Dave Dechert’s results and pics from his heyday as a AA Pro BMX racer. It’s an interesting little read.

Oh, the title of this article. Seems I was chatting with an associate of mine this evening about BMX history and I told him I found this article, and I mentioned some of the names that were in it. He told me he remembered many of them and that when he used to race there in the 90’s they actually had a “Bill Bohren Award”, pretty cool considering he had quite a hand in getting this new version of Flemington going. So we both sorta wondered, whatever happened to the award for a guy who for all intents and purposes made Hunterdon County BMX exist.

Be that as it may, BMXNJ’s hat is off to Bill Bohren, New Jersey BMX pioneer and tonight our hat is off to all of NJ BMX’s pioneers, expecially today when they are needed most. Check the article to the left.