Adam Guild, the name alone sends chills up and down some racers spines in NJ as “that guy behind behind the keyboard on”, but to the rest of us, we know Adam as one of NJ’s flatland innovators and the originator of the Doses Videos. 1, 2, and 2.5. Now in the realm of legendary status in NJ, we won’t go into the classic Doses Vids, suffice to say that if you type in “Doses” to the search bar above, you will learn all. Now, just in time for the end of the world, be it May 2011 or December 2012, whichever you prefer, Adam is putting out, Doses 2011. Adam is currently stationed in SC on deployment from NJ to make people understand that not everyone from NJ is “like on that show” and while he is there he will be editing together the video with footage from,  you guessed it, you. So if you want to be in another part of NJ’s history, via SC through one of our most vocal legends, hit up Adam Guild at this har email link: . Tell him some old guy sent you there in search of the true meaning of BMX. Here’s a shot of Adam, wearing a Grove Street Shirt, doing a little Doses promo on a bike that probably weighs twice as much as yours. Now get out there and…well… and shovel snow, I mean realistically that’s all we do here in NJ lately.

(edited to reveal Adam’s actual location, he’s not as nervous about the Fed’s as I thought, LOL)