(Our main OS Pro, Dave Dechert has been hitting all the old school partays this year. He rolled out to JC last week and brought back this story.) Well I woke up Saturday morning and “The East Coast Pro” put his totally restored Mongoose “Californian” in the back of the Chevrolet Silverado. At 8:30 am we headed off to Jersey City and arrived at around 9:45.“Surge” the organizer of the ride had a parking lot reserved just for us Old School Collectors. The Old Schoolers arrived around 10 am and scoped out each others  rides, traded parts and traded collector war stories. (IT’S NOT EASY FIND PARTS FOR THE OLD GEMS!)

Another Old School BMX Racer Jimmy Vincent showed up with his son to check out the old bikes. Jimmy raced for CW with Californian Team-mate Mike “Hollywood” Miranda and Jimmy was also a camp counselor at Woodward BMX Camp in Woodward, Pa. Back in the ’80’s.  (It was and alway is fun reminiscing with other “Old Schoolers”) At 1 pm about 30 of us headed out for the ride along the Jersey City waterfront and through the city streets for our lunch destination,”Arthurs Steak House in Hoboken.” The food at Arthurs is impecable.

It was a beautiful day and there was a lot “of beautiful scenery” and I’m not just talking about the Manhattan Island. LOL!  I found myself almost running into a park bench because I was looking at “Her” and not where I was going! LOL!

When we arrived at Arthurs we had the bikes lined up outside, one of the waiters insisted we bring the rides inside. TOTALLY COOL! , we had our own room and BROUGHT THE RIDES INSIDE!!!  After gorging ourselves we set out to return. THE RIDE BACK  WAS A LITTLE SLOWER THAN THE RIDE THERE!!!

We all got back at our meeting place about 4 pm said our good byes and exchanged dates of the next Old School Ride!