Mark “Rad Dad” Dandridge is from the great state of Texas and he runs the website It is mostly about the Texas Scene, which is growing in numbers. He goes to a lot of contests and puts out some great web videos for us to enjoy. Here is vimeo page, He was Global-Flat’s Rider of the Month back recently, and he constantly has a smile on his face. I contacted him for a Top 5 list and of course he produced. Enjoy!


Top 5 Bands:
1. Puddle of Mudd
2. Limp Bizkit
3. NWA
4.  Run DMC
5. Van Halen

Top 5 BMX Brands:
1. Function BMX
2. Sequence
3. St. Martin
4. Odyssey
5. Toungtied

Top 5 Flatland Riders You Are Stoked On:
1. Chris Day
2. Stephen Hearn
3. Trevor Meyer
4. Josh Axlepeg
5. Kevin Jones

Top 5 Street/Park/Vert Riders:
1. Danny Hickerson
2. Ryan Nyquist
3. Mat Hoffman
4. Morgan Wade
5. Chad Degroot

Top 5 Flatland BMX Videos:
1. Create
2. Diversion 1-7
3. BMX Freestyler Austin Texas Edition
4. Dreams
5. Same Thing Daily

Top 5 Cars:
1. Mustang
2. Lotus
3. BMW
4. Yugo/Apple version I -Go
5. Hummer

Top 5 Websites That You Visit Daily:

Top 5 Riders Of All Time:
1. Dennis McCoy
2. Chad Johnston
3. Kevin Jones
4. Mark Eaton
5. Cru Jones

Top 5 Favorite Spots To Ride:
1. The Legendary O.G.
2. Chisholm B-Ball Courts
3. Front of my House
4. Gramms Parking Lot
5. Black Top Flat Ground

Top 5 Places You Want To Visit:
1. Japan
2. Brazil
3. Germany
4. Australia
5. California

Top 5 Essential Items To Bring With You On A Trip:
1. Video Camera
2. Blank Tapes
3.  Photo Camera
4. Charger
5. My Bike

Shout outs?
I would like to shout out to Louis for thinking about me. The Austin Flatland Crew, you push me to levels that I never thought I could achieve. The Global-Flat Community. You have become my second family. To all my friends all over the world. Keep on Riding!