Just got word that the originator of Jump For Joy, the mellow maniac, the happy hippy, Steve Wisbeski is layed up. Steve is currently in Somerset County Hospital with a bout of diverticulitis. Like all BMXers Steveonaut tried to just push it off as gas pains but after a couple days of pain, he went to medemerge and was sent off to Somerset. He’s currently on some heavy antibiotics and painkillers. He may be in there for awhile until the infection is down so he could use some love baby. (Come on, what else can the hippie be about!) Feel free to text Steve at 908-752-8021 . The guy has done a lot for BMX in NJ from the Barn to Jump for Joy. When BMX was down, Steve kept it up and running, now with Steve down, let’s get his arse back up and running! If you have a facebook account, send some words there as well. Get well soon my brother!  Leave Steve a get well below!