Finally, some video of this dude. I first met Kevin at Mike Paton’s last year where he was making short time as a cook for Mike’s Easter Sesh Party. I figured he was just a guy hanging out chilling and cooking for all the riders there. While I’m hanging out I notice he has popped on a BMX and just blazes up Mike’s quarter and craaaanks this gnarly lookback on there, then just rides away all laughing and smiling like it tweren’t nutting. Next time I met up with Kev was at Ed’s where I shook his hand and promptly encountered a handshake that could break steel. I’ve been wondering what this guy is like when he is actually on the bike going full bore and now there is a little video answer right here. Big ups to Piney BMX for getting this out there as that is where it was found. Check Piney BMX at the link below this article and right here scope out Kevin Little….going…um…big. (Great, now I have to apologize for bad puns the next time I see the SJ crew….)