If you want to understand where I am coming from and why I take a very hard stance on “for the riders”. You need to read this and watch these youtube clips. I’m sure most of you have heard of what happened to Stephen Murray at the Dew Tour this year. I catch alot of heat about me saying “you can’t understand this until you have lived it, grew up with it, done it, PUSHED YOURSELF TO YOUR ABSOLUTE LIMITS for the love of BMX”. We are (the riders) are acutely aware of the fact that this could all be over in an instant, what we do whether it’s racing or freestyle is dangerous, most of us will never have a serious significant injury but it can and does happen. If you are involved in BMX and you are not doing everything you can to make people happy about BMX and make them want to be involved in BMX, then you are a detriment to this sport. I’m sorry, but after you watch these 3 short clips and hear what these riders have to say, you better all wake up in this state. This is not a joke, and if people get aggravated because others speak up and ask them to step it up like they have or to push “a little harder because we (the riders) think they should”.
For BMXers there is no union, no retirement plans, in effect there is no future for a BMXer past possible a few years as a top pro racer or freestyler then it’s, see ya later. I’d like to see a bit of a brighter future for these guys and gals that I believe in, what would you like to see. Some people need to grow up and realize when they’ve done BMX wrong and make steps to improve it, otherwise what future is there for the sport.