BMX Moms. Nowadays you hear that moniker quite often. Well before todays crop of BMX mothers there was a whole generation of Moms who brought up the first generation of BMX riders. I figured it might be interesting to hear what someone who watched a guy grow up constantly involved in BMX had to say about the experience. Keep in mind that the person you are watching was born in the 20’s, lived through the Great Depression, WWII, the 60’s cultural revolution, had 3 kids, and was married to the same person for 50+ years. (till my Pop passed away in 2003) One might think they would be against something so “different from the mainstream” but the truth is the exact opposite. This will probably be a real boring episode for most but to be honest I’m real happy that I was able to get my Mom on video and hear her thoughts on my years of BMXin’. I recommend it to anyone who has a chance to interview their parents about their life experiences. They won’t be around forever.

Oh and by the way, at the time of filming, my Mom was 83 years old. Rock on BMX and my parents, thanks for letting me be free to pursue my interests in life.