They said it couldn’t be done…well actually they didn’t say too much, I can only imagine that people must think I’m crazy for making a magazine about BMX in NJ, but they said I was crazy for wearing checkerboard Vans to school…Who are they anyway? Moving on… BMXNJ Magazine has hit its sophomore issue and is packed full of stuff all over NJ. Mud N Grub, Ed’s Games, JFJ 16 and some other cool stuff that you should check out. To order the magazine look to you right or click this link right chere…

BMXNJ Magazine Issue 2 

If  you prefer not to wait, Ed’s Bike Shop will have them sitting on their shelves next week, if you happen to live in that area! Any bike shops who want to carry BMXNJ, well…feel free to contact us here at the BMXNJ HQ by dropping an email to:

Jump…because sometimes riding is more than riding it’s jumping, and who doesn’t like air between their tires?