Believe it or not this is the 7th year of us putting out some form of hard copy publication. Originally BMXNJ Mag was NJ BMX Szine and we zeroxed that mug out 100 issues at a time starting in ’05…but here we are now in 2012 with a glossy magazine, full size and I’m stoked to say, this issue has our most contributors EVER. We start with George Hoernig of Inopia, ASS Skatepark and …other things who got our cover shot for us as well as two lifestyle articles. South Jersey wunderkid, Brandon Squire put together some words with John Dominick. Dave Pawlowski went under cover…um no pun intended… as Dirk Diggler for us and got the scoop on Chad Catalano’s Remorse BMX. Tommydone Donahue, says hi from the racer side of things and fills us in on his view of history. Besides that, the OM of NJ tells tales of the last comp ever at Black Diamond, the death of Manville’s 10th Street Trails with Aaron Graf and a big interview with Bill Hayden and Dan Mleczko, NJ’s new #1 District riders for the newly formed USABMX racing sanction.

That’s what we got for ya this time, expect the next ish sometime in late summer. Till then… um, read the site, ride your bike do what ya do

Order issue 7 at the link below

BMXNJ Magazine Issue 7