Beginning and end. Alpha – Omega. EHT started 2006 with the 12th annual Jack Frost Classic and has ended up another year with The Veterans Day Race. It’s very cool that EHT sets up this jam so everyone has a chance to remember why we can do kicking stuff like BMX, there’s a lot of men and women who have given and continue to give a lot so that we can have the freedom to bust loose and create new and crazy stuff like this sport. It’s also fitting because this race saw the return of a few BMX racing veterans as well. Guys like Doug Luden and Kenny Aman were seen floating through the pits on race day. So brokenspokes says thanks to everyone who got us the freedom to bust loose on our over evolved Schwinn Stingrays!

Somehow the weather once again blew the lid off the time of the year we are in and let us slide through with another mondo race day. Many of the northeasts top riders came down to bust out for 3′ trophies and cash in the money opens. The racing was furiously fast but everyone left in one piece regardless of how crazy we were getting on the track! Since this race was about the veterans it’s only fitting to start with the old dog cruiser riders.

Craziest cruisers of the day were 30-39, big class with 6 guys in it. The wascally Whiley man hooked up with a second place there with Randy Greco hitting up the first. 3rd Through fifth traded places in all 3 motos but it was Woggy, Wohlgemuth who tossed a few flat tabletops for the tre spot. 40-49 cruiser, Rich Farside…It’s almost becoming boring saying that, but folks if any of you have some old BMX Plus mags from the ’80s you’ll know why he is at the top of the results all the time, a fire and drive for racing BMX that has not faded over 20 years. Don Boulerice rolled up from Delaware for the deuce behind the ace. Big propers to the old man kaschnizzle Dieter Ward, earlier in the year Dieter went down hard and was laid up for most of the summer but returned to bust out on the berms again this fall. It was a third this time for The Ward-en behind Beckwith and Fieldson but NJ’s oldest rocker will be back in ’07. The other side of rocking is rolling and the ladies were tearing up the dirt at EHT once again. Susie Levan explained to everyone why there is a singular digit on her plate for 2007 and busted loose for the first with Kim Langyel cruising in for 2. 6-7 girls was a kicking class with the ladies trading places in all the motos but it was the older Godino Cheyenne coming in with the win again. 8-9 Girls saw one of the Sagendorf trio come in with the win, Jena. Neva The BMX Diva had to take the third this time following in Jen Rossi. Cassidy Cox rocked 10-11 with T-riffic Taylor Farside pushing the pink Felt in for the 2. Alaina Henderson flew and when I say flew I mean literally FLEW like jumped big time in for the win in 12-13 Girls. That little women rocked. 16 Over Girls had another Egdorf, Jessica, push J-mom’s daughter Sarah, back to second for the day after Sarah came out strong in her first moto. Some words about the future of the sport the rookie rascals! 5 under was taken by the tyke with the rockstar name Gunnar Vansteenbergen, the little fellas look like ants spilled out of a jar when that gate drops, future of BMX right thererolling the hills. Jeff Tantum’s little bro, Mike Tantum took a 2 behind Eric Matos in 8 rookie. Billy Wittig put the moves on the 10 year old lads and brought home some of that 3′ tall iron! 15 Rookie was romped upon by Lee Motocrusher Matos, who went uno, uno, uno in all 3 motos, Hasan Nasheed took second his dad was out there killing it in 30 over open as well! The super young dudes, 6 under were smoked well maybe not smoked but at the very least all had to settle for second behind Justin Boissonneault from CT, now that folks is a last name to remember! Eletto and Hatem took the 2 and 3. 7-8 Novice was taken by Joe Caputo, little big Joe came out and tore it up! That pretty much backs up all the smack talking he does in the forums, those young dudes are no joke! 8-9 Expert was 1-2 for Massive Mike Reszkowski and Crankin Matty Cranmer, Mike was a little bummed that the lips were mellow on the EHT jumps as he was looking to sky for the crowd that day but decided to take it easy on everyone. 12 Expert was a STACKED class this Veterans Day and the young bad boys of BMX were going offfff all day. Come main time it was the Virginian Taylor Morris who got the win with with Zack Pirulli in for the second. Guess we should also throw out that rookie expert Zachattack McLaughlin dropped in for the 4th in the main, way to rock it when you move up a class guys! 14 Novice was taken by video star Tyler “pose for the camera” Pappas, the guy is more than a racer he’s also a heck of a BMX promoter. 15 Expert was rolled over by The Killah Kyle Biller, Max-imum Velocity Egdorf, the kid who rocked The Score At The Shore tore it up here as well but had to settle for following Biller come main time. Sean hulk Hogan took care of the 16 novice class with DekeVeeder from NY taking the class where Sean will soon be, 16 Expert. The super teens 17-21 novice saw Kenny Meleta looking real good out there but he had to give the props to Rich Nelson for win. Frank superfly Shumski tore it up in 22-29 Expert, Frank has been running EHT all summer and is looking way improved from the beginning of the year! Take one 40 year old man, shake well and watch him win the OM novice class, James Drozak rocked out the other old crazies with Fast Frank Klimecki doing the number two for the day. The names Wilson, Wohlgemuth and Linwood were just too much for Farside this time out in the old Expert class as he sat this race out, (I’m actually joking, Rich just didn’t race to conserve some energy for the open class, but it’s been a crazy year and he needed some busting) with Farside not on the the gate the race was wide open…well wide open for Chris Linwood to go wire to wire and Crazy Craig Wilson coming in for 2. 30 + open was INSANE, the skills on these old dogs is incredible, of course with skills and speed can come some crazy crashes. Mike Gage went down HARD in the main, a few moments of everyone holding their breath but Mighty Mike was back up and walking about before the end of the race day. After that crazy wreck in the second straight it was Randy Greco for #2 and hold on to your hats ladies and gents, Dale “smile for the camera” Maghan coming in for the 3rd, taking home some cash to take the little woman out to Chilis for dinner on sunday. Oh…who took first, well it was none other than the east coast eliminator Rich Farside. One has to look no farther than thisguy to see that we are about to see a return to the golden days of the 80’s when BMX racing was HUGE. Huge, a good word to describe the 16 over open class. Massive, fureaking GNARLY, these guys are nuts. The tire squealing you hear as names like Kelley, Echevarria, Albright and Delizia blow by is beyond description, you have to wonder how the tiresjust don’t blow off the rims of these guys. Elbows, passing and gassing was the order of the day to get to the main and for once it looked like Fast Philly D might actually break a sweat this time around. The gate dropped in the main and it looked like Phil was a good front wheel behind at the bottom of the hill, getting to the tabletop the pack had broken up and it was Phil D and Kelley, with Harley just barely keeping an inch or two in front of the D man but going into EHT’s crazy tight first turn it was Delizia who turned up the skill factor and slid this MSC factory ride around the outside of the turn to come out ahead of the rest of the pack. Phil was gone and the song had to be sung for second, the pack stayed tight going into the second turn but Jammin Joey Albright said alright and got the lead on Killer Harley Kelley to take the 16 place beans. Keller, Boller, Rauch, Kelty and Jurell rounded out the pack. Very intense way to end the day.This race put thecap on the 2007 season and the rumors hitting up the stands were that Rich Farside and Chris Vliet were gonna be heavy players come next year down there at EHT. If the rumors are true then look out, because NJ just has one more ace in it’s pocket to be the driving force behind puttingBMX racing back in the spotlight. Big thanks to all the EHT volunteers and all the great peeps who come out to have a good time at the track. See ya in the run up year to the Olympics, EHT!


10-11 Cruiser
Whiley, Christopher 3-3-3
Brown, Brandon 2-2-2
Knapper, Justin 1-1-1
12-13, 14-15 Cruiser
Knapper, Jeremy 1-1-1
Schneider, Michael 2-3-3
Behm, Victor 3-2-2
Pirulli, Zack 4-4-4
Farro, Brian 5-5-5
30-34, 35-39 Cruiser
Greco, Randy 1-2-1
Mroz, Edward 4-3-4
Wohlgemuth, Peter 3-5-2
Gulich, Chris 5-4-3
Horton, Harry 6-6-6
Whiley, Chris 2-1-5
40-44, 45-49 Cruiser
Drozak, James 0-0-0
Boulerice, Donald 2-2-2
Farside, Rich 1-1-1
Heath, Jeffry 3-3-3
50-54, 55 & Over Cruiser
Fieldson, Charles 2-1-2
Beckwith, David 1-2-1
Ward, Dieter 3-3-3

30-39, 40 & Over Ladies Cruiser
Langyel, Kimberly 2-2-2
Levan, Susie 1-1-1

6-7 Girls
Godino, Haley 3-1-3
Godino, Cheyenne 2-2-1
Lewis, Jessica 1-3-2

8-9 Girls
Rossi, Jennifer 2-2-3
Sagendorf, Jena 1-1-1
Crager, Layla 4-4-4
Warren, Neva 3-3-2

10-11 Girls
Weimar, Priscilla 3-3-3
Farside, Taylor 1-2-2
Cox, Cassidy 2-1-1

12-13 Girls
Adams, Amber 3-3-2
Weimar, Sandra 2-2-3
Henderson, Alaina 1-1-1
Zbikowski, Krysta 4-4-4

14-15 Girls
Beckwith, Bethany 3-3-3
Walsh, Shannon 2-2-2
Veeder, Carly 1-1-1

16 & Over Girls
Egdorf, Jessica 2-1-1
Welsh, Sarah 1-2-2
Sagendorf, Desiree 3-3-3

5 & Under, 6 Novice
Boissonneault, Justin 1-1-1
Krause, Joseph 3-3-4
Vliet, Garrett 5-5-5
McDonald, Nicholas 6-4-6
Hatem, Gabriel 2-6-2
Eletto, Jeffrey 4-2-3

7, 8 Novice
Davis, Nicholas 3-4-3-5
Sheeley, Tyler 2-2-4-2
Ruth, Cody 4-3-2-4
Caputo, Joe 1-1-1-1
Scott, Ryan 2-1-1-3
Yuhas, Ryan 0-0-0-0
Mehr, Kyle 1-2-2-6

8,9 Expert
Desiderato, Ben 5-2-2
Hicks, Lenny 3-4-4
Reszkowski, Michael 1-1-1
Cranmer, Matthew 2-3-3
Pirulli, Jake 4-5-5

10 Novice
Lewis, Cody 5-0-0
Rossi, Michael 6-5-4
Pletscher, Jake 1-1-1
Warner, Tyler 2-2-2
Whiley, Christopher 4-4-5
Cohen, Ryan 3-3-3

10, 11 Expert
Godino, RJ 2-2-3
Walsh, Stone 4-0-4
Fichtner, Tayler 3-3-2
Morris, Blake 1-1-1

12 Novice
Jones, Nicholas 2-2-2
Glenn, Kyle 5-5-5
Perez, Brandon 1-1-1
Jagusch, Ryan 4-4-4
Carsillo, Anthony 3-3-3

12 Expert
Sambells-Greco, Ryan 4-2-4-8
Schneider, Michael 1-1-1-3
Grassia, John 3-3-3-6
Eisenhard, Evan 2-4-2-5
Morris, Taylor 3-2-2-1
McLaughlin, Zachary 4-4-4-4
Pirulli, Zack 1-1-1-2
Behm, Victor 2-3-3-7

13 Novice
Spool, Matthew 0-0-0
Farro, Brian 2-2-2
Nelson, Chris 1-1-1

13 Expert
Wedge, Joshua 4-5-5
Fichtner, Kieran 3-3-3
Loebe, Austin 2-2-1
Croshier, Jeffery 5-4-4
O’Connor, Shaun 1-1-2

14 Novice
Pappas, Tyler 1-1-1
Nelson, Steven 2-2-2
Beckwith, Brian 3-3-3

14 Expert
Brouillard, Colby 1-1-1
Maher, Paul 2-2-2
Strong, Kyle 3-3-3

15 Novice
Aman, Chris 2-4-5
Opitz, Christopher 5-3-4
Halleran, Shane 3-1-3
Transue, Gary 4-2-2
Scoggins, Glenn 1-6-1
Casey, Michael 6-5-6

15 Expert
Del Vento, Anony 3-3-3-6
Barna, Jonathan 4-5-5-0
Biller, Kyle 51-4-1
Lloyd, Shawn 2-4-2-4
Christopher, Andrew 1-2-1-5
Eaton, Michael 4-4-4-3
Egdorf, Max 1-1-1-2
Doland, Scott 3-3-3-8
Hullinger, Ryan 2-2-2-7

16 Novice
Dry, Dustin 2-2-1-2
Hogan, Sean 1-3-3-1
Strong, Anthony 4-1-4-4
Heath, Jeffery 3-4-2-7
Mendock, Raymond 2-3-3-5
McCarthy, Timothy 0-0-0-0
Martz, Eric 1-2-1-3
Zbikowski, Mike 3-1-2-6

16 Expert
Newman, Stephen 3-2-2
Baraniecki, Chris 0-3-5
Veeder, Deke 2-1-1
Weimar, Steven 1-5-4
Kellner, Kyle 4-4-3

17 Novice
Mulhern, Sean 2-2-3
McFillin, Tom 3-3-2
Cranmer, Darin 1-1-1

17, 18-21 Expert, Novice
Meleta, Kenny 3-1-2
Risley, Carl 4-3-3
Wigglesworth, Taylor 5-4-4
Ripley, Billy 1-5-5
Nelson, Richard 2-2-1

18-21 Expert
Boller, Matthew 0-0-0
Smith, Mike 1-1-1
Scolaro, Michael 2-2-2

22-29 Expert, Novice
Shumski, Frank 3-1-1
Perez, Jonathan 1-2-2
Parker, Patrick 0-0-0
Crager, Gary 2-3-3

35 & Over Novice
Drozak, James 5-1-1
Weimar, Steven 2-4-4
Diciano, Anthony 1-3-3
Davis, Jason 4-6-5
Klimecki, Frank 3-2-2
Cox, John 6-5-6

35 & Over Expert
Wohlgemuth, Peter 2-3-0
Wilson, Craig 3-2-2
Christopher, Linwood 1-1-1
Farside, Rich 0-0-0

5 & Under Rookie
Vansteenbergen, Gunnar 1-1-1-1
McAdams, Luke 2-2-2-4
Myers, Tyler 4-3-4-5
Crager, Phoenix 3-4-3-7
Hegeman, Roger John 3-3-3-6
Ditmire, Kevin 2-2-2-2
Bird, Chandler 1-1-1-3

6 Rookie
Bryson, Jake 2-2-2
Coyle, Owen 5-5-5
Sandfort, Thomas 4-4-4
Feinstein, Anthony 1-1-1
Walton, Luke 3-3-3

7 Rookie
Stapinsky, Seth 3-3-3
Grabel, Nathan 1-1-1
Gigliuto, Luigi 2-2-2

8 Rookie
Tantum, Mike 2-2-2
Matos, Eric 1-1-1
Kulis, Drew 3-3-3

9 Rookie
Sagendorf, Devin 1-1-1
Wisler, Nathan 2-2-2
Wisler, Quinton 3-3-3

10 Rookie
Kulp, Jacob 3-3-2
Grabel, Colin 5-5-4
Wittig, Billy 2-2-3
Schneider, Jake 4-4-1
Horton, Zachary 1-1-0

11,12 Rookie
Kulis, Ian 2-2-2
Smith, Scott 3-3-3
Destefano, Anthony 1-1-1

13 Rookie
Carey, Justin 2-2-2
Bailey, Charles 3-3-0
Stapinsky, Brandon 1-1-1

14 Rookie
Harris, Shaun 2-2-2
Parrett, Frank “JJ” 1-1-1

15 Rookie
Nasheed, Hasan 2-2-0
Matos, Lee 1-1-1

16, 17 & Over Rookie
Greis, Karl 3-3-3
Downell, Jordan 2-2-2
Downell, Jason 1-1-1

10-11, 12-13 Open
Loebe, Austin 0-0-0
Cox, Cassidy 1-1-1

16 & Over Open
Downell, Phil 7-8-8-0
Currier, Allen 4-4-3-0
Delizia, Phillip 1-1-5-1
Kelty, Matt 3-3-1-7
Lorenzo, Peter 8-5-6-0
Echevarria, Geraldo 5-2-2-0
Kellner, Kyle 6-7-7-0
Wike, Justin 2-6-4-0
Boller, Matthew 1-6-3-5
Parker, Patrick 2-1-2-0
Johnson, Tyler 4-2-5-0
Mabin, Sean 8-4-7-0
Mulhern, Jim 5-5-4-0
Ballard, Tom 7-7-0-0
Hellwinkel, Justin 6-8-6-0
Jurell, Travis 3-3-1-8
Weimar, Steven 2-6-1-0
Rauch, Nicholas 7-5-6-0
Willitts, Scott 6-4-4-0
Albright, Joey 1-1-5-2
Smith, Daniel 4-2-3-0
Conklin, Jason 8-8-8-0
Sullivan, Timmy 5-7-7-0
Rauch, Jeremy 3-3-2-6
Kelley, Harley 1-1-5-3
Ripley, Billy 4-7-4-0
Gentilcore, Michael 7-8-7-0
Keller, Christopher 2-3-2-4
Oldham, Stephen 3-2-1-0
Murray, Jim 5-4-3-0
Minor, Ernest 8-5-8-0
Moore, Jimmy 6-6-6-0

30 & Over Open
Willitts, Christopher 5-2-3-6
Greco, Randy 2-4-4-2
Farside, Rich 1-1-5-1
Adams, Torrence 3-3-1-4
Wilson, Craig 4-5-2-0
Bonilla, Pete 4-2-3-5
Maghan, Dale 5-3-4-3
Gage, Michael 2-1-1-8
Kirsch, Lee 3-4-2-7
Nasheed, Rakin 1-5-0-0