Congratulations to all those who did it!…
anyone traveling to the ABA Grands?
10-11 Open 1st Anthony Derosa
30-39 Ladies Cruiser 1st Susie Levan
9 Under Cruiser 5th Jeremy Smith
11 Cruiser 1st Anthony Derosa
18-21 Cruiser 5th Jimmy Moore
18-21 Cruiser 6th Mike Smith
40-44 Cruiser 2nd Rich Farside (with broken ribs…)
45-49 Cruiser 8th James Rempkowski
11 Girls 6th Taylor Farside
15 Girls 6th Shannon Walsh
8 Expert 1st Jeremy Smith
9 Expert 5th Mike Reszkowski
11 Expert 1st Anthony Derosa (we called that a triple back in my day!)
18-21 Expert 2nd Phil Delizia
8 Novice 6th Lenny Hicks
9 Novice 4th Tyler Warner
10 Novice 4th Austin Padilla
12 Novice 4th Zach McLaughlin
12 Novice 7th David Crofton
17 Novice 8th Kenny Meleta
35 Over Novice 8th Craig Wilson
9 Rookie 3rd Ryan Cohen
11 Rookie 5th Erik Robbins
12 Rookie 3rd Brandon Perez (broken growth plate in wrist)
13 Rookie 2nd Aaron Davis
Congratulations to all those who tore it up out there!
All those who made the mains in the rookie and novice classes….I hope to see some new novices and experts next year!
Rock on NJ BMX!!!