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how bout we find out when the meeting is first off…

does anyone know for sure? if its co ming up soon ppl may have to make arrangements to keep the date open…

no definite say so as to the date which i think should have been chosen already…’

is it after the state awards?

will ppl be saying they cant stay and have to leave “right away” should it be on a different day so the younger riders will be home with babysitters( as to not have a reason to be in a hurry?) or a separate date?
all valid points. having it on the day of the awards when most are there is convenient as long as ppl stay and are not in a hurry ( remember- they will be there all day)

is it better to have on a separate day with no other activities where you can focus your atten in one place( being some of us are all over the place…lol)

some things to think about…

i for one would like to know WHAT is the DATE of the MEETING?