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I’m getting a little pressure to charge for the DVD, which as you know I do not like to do but I got an idea, so let me know if you guys like it.
I’ll sell the DVD for $10.00 bucks.
I personally want to not have to pay for the DVD’s which are like 75 cents to a buck, I’ll figure it out.
So I’m thinking if we make like 10-20 of these things, I sell em to you guys, take my 10-20 bucks to reimburse for the DVD’s and take the rest of the proceeds and put it towards next year’s pro-am.
So if we sell 20 of em,
200 bucks.
20 for the DVD’s
and 180 towards ’08’s purse already.
What do you guys think?
I’ll straight up give it to Rich at the awards and we’ll put up on newjerseybmx.com as the 08 purse so far is $XXX.XX amount of dollars.

Good or bad?