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Craig sorry bro but you are starting to sound just like some of the people that sit on the NJ board with your post.

WoW a whole 45 minutes to give out awards. Is this what the riders worked all year for?

As far as not having enough time to plan a banquet for this year, well this was brought up at the January and February state meetings. So I don’t want to hear there was not enough time to plan such an event. I have tried to talk to some of the board members about this but I seem to get no where. I have offered to do all the leg work to make this happen but it seems to me they never want my help. As far as the need to raise money; there is enough in the state account to pay for this.

This was one of the reasons I was attending these meetings. I wanted to improve thing for the riders. There are people claiming to be for the riders but the sad truth is they are only in it for themselves. I am tired of banging my head against the wall with the negative comments I am getting from certain board members. Every time I try to do something for the NJ riders they give me the same old song and dance.

I don’t have a problem with Scott having it at the Incline club. I applaud them for stepping up. So before you try to turn this around I want everyone to know my problem is with the state board. It is time for a change.