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Maybe this might help, or at least spark some more debate:

Make a bigger spread between points for the different classes. I know, this gets messed up when someone is combined all the time.

As stated earlier – make the Championship worth alot more points. Not sure if the one race for the championship will catch on. If you tell everyone all they have to do is show up for 3 or 4 qualifiers and your qualified for the championship, and then only the championship itself decides number 1, you’ll have lots of folks coasting at the races they show up for. Dont take away the competitiveness at the individual races.

Have a proficiency freeze?? No one is allowed to move up from rookie to novice, etc., at the state championship unless actual NBL move-up points dictate.

Whatever is ultimately decided has to be something we think will foster better and better competition for years to come, not just a fix based on our current amount of riders.